Purpose of Rochester Rotary Charities
Rochester Rotary Charities is a separate 501(c)(3) organization established to receive and distribute funds for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, all for the public welfare. Rochester Rotary Charities provides for separation between Rochester Rotary Club operations and Rochester Rotary Charities funds per the Rochester Rotary Club bylaws. The Rochester Rotary Club hosts many fundraising events throughout the year, but all monies raised are raised on behalf of Rochester Rotary Charities and it is from Rochester Rotary Charities that funds are distributed.
Membership & Governance
While the Rochester Rotary Club and Rochester Rotary Charities were established and are governed as separate entities, all Rochester Rotary Club members are also members of Rochester Rotary Charities. The Rochester Rotary Charities organization has its 7-member Board of Directors elected to 3-year terms and chartered with control and management of affairs. The Assistant Treasurer of the Rochester Rotary Club is the Treasurer of Rochester Rotary Charities, and the President of Rochester Rotary Charities is traditionally the Past President of the Rochester Rotary Club 3 years after their Rochester Rotary Club term.
Serving on the 2022 - 2023 Charities Board are:
President, Alan McLellan
President-Elect, Ron Lichtle
Treasurer, Tami Salisbury    
Secretary, Rachel Aviles   
Director, Ethan Hoffman 
Director, John Modetz
Director, Juliane Morian 
Director,   Peter Stuhlreyer 
Charitable Fund Sources


Rochester Rotary Charities raises money through various events and initiatives throughout the year. Some of them include:

  • Every Rotarian Every Year
  • Tuesday Meeting "Fines"
  • The Great Golf Ball Drop
  • The Charity Golf Outing
  • The Poinsettia Sale
  • The Wine & Beer Tasting Event
  • Paul Harris Donations
  • And many, many more
Charitable Fund Beneficiaries

Rochester Rotary Charities distributes funds to a wide range of local and international organizations and programs to help support their essential work. Some of them include:

  • International Rotary Foundation
  • Rotary Gateway Park
  • Rochester Community Schools Scholarships
  • Guatemala Medical Mission
  • Neighborhood House
  • Grace Centers for Hope
  • Community House
  • Rainbow Connection
  • Paint Creek Center for the Arts
  • And many, many more