Rochester Rotary Club RotoScoop
March 1, 2022
President David Eardley opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, Four Way Test.
Wayne Hodges provided our invocation.
There were 48 members and 4 guests present.  
David Eardley introduced the following guests:
 Lynda Ludy, Gwendolyn Croft and Anthony Croft
Phil McPeek is happy he was at the first Rotary meeting held in the Ukraine and he has great memories from there.
Mary Lee is happy for Marty coming to her rescue. 
Alan Smith had a happy buck for the Community House's progress on their upcoming construction. 
Ron Diliddo had a happy buck for the amazing grants given to worthy causes around the community. 
Tim Crawford is happy about the opportunity for us to raise money with the Masters Golf Raffle. 
Vince Mattina received the honors... congrats Vito!
Tom Asmus bestowed the bejeweled trophy upon Marty McClure... congrats Marty!
Steve Oehler announced that there are still tickets remaining for the Masters Raffle. See him for tickets or purchase them online. Buy them for your friends and family, encourage them to buy them!! We also need help with golf related donations for the auction being held on March 15th to coincide with the raffle. Use your connections with local golf courses for a twosome or foursome to be donated or any golf paraphernalia. Get creative! Time is flying by Rotatrians lets make this a huge success!!
Wine tasting tickets should be coming soon for our April 27th event!!
Wayne Hodges bestowed a Paul Harris upon blank. This award honors blank who has proven himself to be a dedicated interact member turning roadblocks into stepping stones. Through unimaginable obstacles with the loss of classmates and a constantly changing educational environment he has continued to demonstrate true service above self.
Happy Birthday to the following Rotarians:
Tim Duncan February 19th
Jeff Whitbey February 19th
Happy Club Anniversary to the following Rotarian:
Stuart Siegner 19 years
Today's sheriff's report was brought to us by Sherriff Steve Schettenhelm who fined our Rotary SAG award winners. All fines collected support Rotary Scholarships.  Thank you!
Kwame Sakyi, assistant professor at Oakland University and director of Center for Learning and Childhood Development Ghana provided our program today. The country's children were experiencing development disabilities example cerebral Palsy, Autusim, Vision impairment etc. In Ghana there was about 370,000 affected children. Why are they happening and how can we help. Stigma and discrimination, social isolation, and broken relationships. Customers stopped buying from mother with cerebral palsy when she brought him to work. People fear it's contagious. Causes high llevels of divorce, disengagement from healthcare and education.
community driven intervention. everone needs a coach at some time. coach system. community rehabilitation adn training center. Minimum wage is below $3 an hour.



Upcoming meeting schedule:
Tuesday, March 1st  
at Noon
Rochester Community House
Lunch to be Served:
President David adjourned the meeting at 1:16 p.m.
Anyone displeased about this summary, does them thereafter,
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