Rochester Rotary Club RotoScoop March 5, 2019
President Rodney Hulbert began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, reciting the 4 Way Test, and then we sang "This is My Country."  The invocation was given by David Eardley.  There was a video tribute to Buck Crossley that played during lunch to celebrate his life.  
Jeff Whitbey introduced the following guest:
Roger Webster from the Troy Rotary Club
Rodney -- Time in Florida and in New York for treatment
Mel -- Go Blue!
Vito -- celebrating birth of 7th granddaughter
Dave -- enjoyed cruise that included stop in Havana, Cuba
Bob -- speaking to class at ACE High School on Wednesday 
Happy Birthday to the following Rotarians:
Jack Fugate, Mar 05
Happy Club Anniversary to the following Rotarians:
Wayne Hodges, 19 years
Marty McClure was recognized as the recipient of the 15th Handshake.  Congrats, Marty!
Tom N. and Eric W. presented Dutton Farms with a $2,500 grant from the Rotary Charities in support of their programming.  
Tom N. announced that our club will begin offering a monthly 50/50 Raffle to raise money for PolioPlus.  Please stay tuned for more details.  There was a motion made for an unclaimed winning ticket to be placed back in the pot, if the winner is not present at the time of the drawing.  The motion was approved.  
Tim C. announced that 25 tickets remain for the Masters Raffle.  He shared about further opportunities to volunteer at the upcoming PGA event this summer.  Next week will be the drawing for the Masters.  Lomas Brown will be here for our next meeting.  
MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  Rotary's 2019 Winetasting Event will be Friday, April 12, 2019, at Bordine's.  Tickets are available and may be purchased online!  
In honor of our speaker, we sang two songs with aplomb: "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy" and "You're a Grand Old Flag."  Thank you, Bob!
There was no sheriff at today's meeting, so President Rodney led us in a table quiz.  Lots of good conversation ensued.  $237 was collected in fines which helps support our Rotary Scholarships.  

Ron Lichtle introduced Dr. Peter Trumbore, Professor at Oakland University since 2002, where he has taught about international relations and international conflict.  His father had been a Rotarian.  He spoke on the topic: Are the US and China Bound for War?  He based his program on Harvard University's Graham Allison's opinion that such a reality has historical precedence.  He then spoke about the Thucydides Trap (a phrase coined by Allison) where a growing power challenges a dominant power and the result most often is armed conflict.  He spoke of Herodotus and the Peloponnesian War as an example of looking to history for context and understanding.  He then shared a comparison between the Cold War experiences of Europe and Asia, where Asia experienced a lot of stability, which gave nations such as China and South Korea opportunities to develop their economies.  He also spoke of the role that the United States has played in maintaining such a geo-political landscape where this has been possible.  In many ways, China has benefitted from the very system developed by the United States.  He then discuss how Allison and his team used 16 cases from over the past 500 years for their research, of which 12 of the 16 war was the result.  The question that is left unanswered, according to him, is the reason for the relatively long peace that the world has enjoyed since 1945, where there has been no conflict between a dominant power and a growing power.  There were two cases that he found relevant for this context:  the US/UK in the early 20th century in regards to the Americas (dominance in our backyard) and the Cold War.  In both cases, war was avoided.  He agrees with Dr. Kenneth Waltz that the reality of nuclear weapons has changed the dynamics, so that winning a war comes a great cost and destruction to both parties.  He believes this reality actually causes nations to be more careful about its militaristic aims, as there is real no winner in such a conflict.  He states that this is the flaw in Allison's theory, because Allison does not fully take nuclear weapons into account.  Following his presentation. Dr. Trumbore then fielded a number of questions.  Thank you, Dr. Trumbore, for an excellent presentation!

Anyone displeased about this summary, does them thereafter,
David Eardley
Mar 12, 2019
Lomas Brown from the Lions
Mar 19, 2019
Superintendent Avondale Schools
Mar 26, 2019
Operation of the Rochester Police Department
Apr 02, 2019
President OCC
Apr 09, 2019
Superintendant Rochester Community Schools
Apr 16, 2019
Active Shooter Training
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