It's time to get your Poinsettias! All proceeds from your order go to support charitable projects in your local community and throughout the world. Order through any Rotarian!

The deadline is Tuesday, November 7th so get your orders in soon! Deliveries are on 11/29 and Pickup is on 11/20.

6.5" Pots are $15 (Red, Pink, White)
7.5" Pots are $25 (Red Only)
8.5" Pots are $35 (Red Only)

Mail you check to The Rochester Rotary Club, PO Box 81523, Rochester, MI 48308-1523 and your ticket stub will be returned to you by mail.

All plants are guaranteed by Bordine Nursery through Christmas Eve.
Delivery - Wednesay, November 29, 8am-1pm
Pickup - Thursday, November 30, 8am-1pm